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July 5th 2012
will go down as a momentous occasion in the Jarvis house, Craig was chosen to run with the Olympic torch in Southwold. To everyone's amazement it was a scorcher and the crowds turned out in force, the streets were lined with every age group, cheering, waving flags and everyone having a fantastic time. The handover went smoothly and Craig was amazed at the response of the Crowd as he started to jog along with the security officers who ran along side as protection for the flame. He said "It was a fantastic experience and felt proud to be part of the Olympic celebrations"

Suffolk Hotelier Completes The Highest Trail In The World

On June 16th Craig Jarvis, proprietor of Ravenwood Hall Hotel in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk, led a team of fundraisers on Royal Enfield bikes, taking 14 days to cross the Himalayas, the sheer magnitude of the mountain and high altitude of 5,000 metres was definitely not for the faint hearted! He pushed himself to the limit to raise funds for the Ravenwood Children’s Trust and has returned to base camp safe and sound.

The journey through some of the most dangerous driving conditions in the world was eventful, they were charged by Yaks, endured road closures due to landslides, were honoured guests at a Tibetan wedding and joined a religious ceremony where a goat was sacrificed!

Craig has said “This was a humbling and amazing experience to reach the highest negotiable trail in the world is an achievement never to be forgotten. Meeting children from the local villages and seeing how they cope with such extremes of climate and poverty was overwhelming”

Craig's Himalayan Trip  

Olympic Torch comes to Southwold

Date: 5 July 2012
Details of the route to be taken by the Olympic Torch Relay when it visits Reydon and Southwold on 5 July have been announced.The Torch Relay convoy will reach the Lowestoft Road, near Oaklands, at 11.22 am and runners will then take over for the run in to Southwold.

The Torch will cross Might's Bridge at 11.26 and be taken along Pier Avenue to the Pier where there will be a photo opportunity with a focus on the Pier, North Parade and the Beach Huts, before the Torch is taken back along Pier Avenue, across Might's Bridge, to Hill Road, Reydon. Here it will resume its journey by road to Kelsale, the next part of its journey en route to Woodbridge.

Timings for the return movement from the Pier are currently, unclear, but with the Torch Relay due to resume in Kelsale at 1.23pm this would suggest a stop in the region of 30 minutes in Southwold.


The challenges and events held in aid of The Ravenwood Children’s Trust


    As a volunteer ,I lead a team of 30-35 fundraiser riders on Royal Enfield bikes with Enduro Himalaya, taking 14days to ride the highest trail in the world. The Himalayas are not for the faint hearted, the mountains sheer magnitude and high altitude reaching 5,000 metres is the highest most people achieve.

    Add to this the unpredictable weather, the constant risk of landslides, sudden border closures with Tibet and India make this a true endurance test.

    Craig is thrilled to be chosen and runs through Southwold, route to be announced so please come along and cheer him on.

    Ravenwood Hall Children's Trust has a team for the London 10k race also running for Facing Africa.

    Central London will be closed off for the event which attracts approx 30,000 entrants. We have a team of twelve with experienced runners and first timers who I know will all put in a marvellous effort .

    Are there any takers for team 2013? If so please ring Chris Knight 01359 270345 for details
    The highest marathon in the world as listed in the Guiness book of records.I am hoping the Himalayas will be good altitude training for this.Starting at Gorak Shep 17,000 ft, close to Everest Base Camp in Nepal.Finishing at the Sherpa town of Namche Bazaar at 11,300 ft the course is 26.2 miles over rough mountain trails.It is the world's most spectacular race and has been held fourteen times since 1987.


Ravenwood Children’s Trust
Raffle tickets are on sale in the hotel to support the trust ,with amazing prizes kindly donated by local businesses. So on your next visit please help us to help the children and purchase some. This popular raffle is drawn at the New Years Eve Ball so why not come along and see, you just might be a winner!

Email to Craig Jarvis sent 21st March 2012

We are delighted today to confirm your place on the Olympic Torch Relay. You have made it through the selection process, you have passed background and security checks, and you will have your moment to shine as a Torchbearer carrying the Olympic Flame! Olympic Torch Craig Jarvis Bury St Edmunds

We have done our upmost to make sure that you carry the Flame within an hour from the home address provided with your nomination. Your slot is in Southwold on 05 July 2012. We will let you know the time and exact location approximately four weeks before the day of your slot.

Spreading the news
At 7.30am this Monday,
19 March, we will be letting the world know about our Torchbearers; the news is likely to feature on TV, in the papers and online. We will also be publishing a street-by-street route of the Olympic Torch Relay to help local communities get ready to celebrate.

You are now part of the London 2012 team.
we will help you shout about your place (and loudly). You can then also get your friends and family to start planning how they will line the streets to cheer you on as you go past.

We will be in touch soon... congratulations again,

The London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay team

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Craig Jarvis Charity DonationsWith his smart blue blazer, immaculate checked shirt and suave appearance Craig Jarvis is every inch the gentleman hotelier and businessman. Yet beneath this smooth unruffled appearance is a man with determination, strength, athleticism and sheer guts - who it seems will stop at nothing to help others in need.

He’s climbed mountains, raced horses, taken perilous motorbike endurance tours and by the way also does unspeakably hazardous ultra distance running and events through deserts and jungles. Every feat seems to be harder than the one before and although there’s nothing in pipeline for next year he’s thinking what to next. “Maybe it will be something snowy. Shh, I haven’t told me wife yet though,” he says.

But doubtless Julie, along with daughters Molly and Jessie know that he’s not going to take up a pipe and slippers just yet. “Someone at my daughter’s school even showed me a story from the Daily Mail the other day about men who risk life and limb on boys own adventures as a way of coping with middle age.” “They wondered if I’d been the inspiration,” he joked. The truth is that this isn’t something sudden - Craig may be in his 50s but he’s been doing such events for almost half of his life.

While he obviously relishes these challenges, no matter how adverse the circumstances, there’s only really one goal in mind, raising money for the Ravenswood Children’s Trust which founded a school in Sri Lanka, a children’s home in Goa and supports a number of local charities including EACH and riding for the disabled. “Last year we raised £33,000, we aim for about £15,000 a year - but it gets harder and harder.” ... MORE

Craig Jarvis

Craig returns from the jungle in one piece and to our amazement looks great, here he is with Julie his wife who was so delighted to have him home again.

Congratulations Craig he was one of the 23 to complete this harrowing marathon out of over 50 runners.

Jungle Update Final stage
The last stage of the race took place along some of the most glorious beaches that border the river Tapajos. 22km of sand with of course a few water crossings thrown in to keep runners cool. By 11.30 all of the competitors who were still in the race had crossed the finish line and even some of those who had dropped out on previous stages joined in for this last 22km. Runners and support staff then had lunch on the beach in Maracana, drank copious amounts of beer and cheered on their fellow runners as they reached the end of their journey. A qucik few hours in a local hotel to wash off that jungle smell will be followed by a party and prize giving tonight at "Casa de Saulo", an enchanting restaurant in Carpanaria, a suburb of Santarem. Operating a race in an extreme environment is never without logistic issues, however careful the planning, and the 2011 edition of jungle marathon was no exception. It is a credit to the runners and support staff that they took these in their stride and that their was much celebration as the 2011 race due to a close.

Jungle Update Stage 5 – Part II – Oct 14, 2011
The overnight part of the 2day stage unfolded with drama and extreme conditions. The leading athletes running through the jungle overnight met head on with a raging rainforest fire – which came within 100m of the makeshift track through the dense jungle. As if that wasn’t hard enough the competitors endured no sleep, all the jungle animal kingdom on display at night and steep inclines and declines through swamps and rivers under the moonlight canopy. Once through the jungle part at check point 6, most athletes elected for some food from their packs (late late dinner) and a few minutes rest before moving onto the mangrove swamps and beach tracks around the beautiful lagoon of Altar do Chao. The majority of athletes had serious foot issues on stage 5, with the scorching heat and running on the dirt (after river and mud crossings) taking their toll on almost all feet and toes. Also some athletes found direction markers hard to find in the jungle moonlight which caused navigation confusion. In the end heat exhaustion won the day with the majority of athletes not finding their way to check point 7, either pulling out on check points 3, 4, 5 or 6. With the 10th checkpoint being the finish line the runners remaining in the race wound their way through check points 7, 8 & 9 along the stunning beaches to the picturesque town of Ponta de Pedra (Point of the Stones).

Jungle Update 100KM Race Update As of stage 4
the following athletes completed the 100km (covering a total distance of 117km) ultra marathon: Arron Worbey, Nick Walters, Tracey Stevens, Martin Nobbs, Tony Marchant, Luis Larcerda, Luis Gustavo. The following athletes will complete their 100km with the 240km group on the final day going into the beautiful Amazon beach city of Santarem: Matt Barrelle, Marcio Villar, Ronnis Blair & Nick Walters Stage 5 31 competitors started stage 5 this morning at the early time of 5am to beat the morning sunlight and get a head start on the 117km all day, night, and following day run. A beautiful run along the white sand beach of the Amazon National Park of Tapajos was followed by a river crossing up to check point 1. All competitors made it to check point 2 & 3 by around 1pm, where the temperature hit 40+ degrees and extreme humidity. 9 Runners made it through check point 5 by 5pm while the others who arrived at the jungle entrance later had to wait for the next opening at 10pm and travel safe as a group through the very dangerous night jungle phase.

Jungle Update Stage 3 started off with a river crossing and then probably the toughest stage to date. After a few kilometer on flat trails runners faced treacherous climbs and steep decents. Couple this with the distance and the scorching heat, the day took its toll on even the toughest of runners, including renowned Brazilian ultra runner Marcio Viliar, who was one of the favourites to win. Strong finishes included Roberto Martins of Brazil, Javier Subias and Julen Urdubeai of Spain, and the flying Scotsman Dan Dillon. The heros of tenacity were surely: Sally Thorne, Juli Goldstein, Arron Worby Nick Walters, and Tony Marchent all of who arrived within the cut off as darkness was falling. Black Jaguars were spotted by several competitors on the course today (not too far from the finish line), but as runners try to settle down and sleep in the wet kit (after torrential rain), in the deep jungle campsite, they are hoping that the campfires and armed guides will keep the predators at bay.

Jungle Update 11th October 2011 - Day 2
Hi, Interesting night with mangos falling from 40 foot trees onto our hammocks, great for breakfast though, day 2 started 7am with 200 meter swim across the Amazon, followed by 26 k run through very deep jungle, have to keep eyes on trail whole time as full of interesting huge holes covered over by jungle that are perfect b & b for Amazon reptilian residents, very hot again with high humidity , ran the whole day with a German surgeon, we are similar pace, finished better placing than 1st day, difficult to get hydration right , need a cold beer that would do the trick !

Jungle Update 10th October 2011 - Day 1
Hi, First day of racing today, took it careful and ran with a team at the back as rucksack is at heaviest 16.5kg, and needed to acclimatise to the heat 37 deg with 90% humidity. Interesting swamp crossings very spooky as quite dark and you are not sure what is in the water, jungle is eerily still with very unusual animal sounds, you can hear the animals moving around close to you, but do not see them, but you know they can see you. No drop outs today even though it was a tough stage, hills comparable to climbing Scar Fell, very friendly natives in the villages, children are really beautiful and very interested to watch you when you stop at check points. Found first stage ok then midday day heat really catches you out and just saps all your strength. Some very interesting people out here all with a story to tell and amazing world class athletes. (with 1 exception)

Jungle Update 9th October 2011
Hi all, had interesting 40 plus hours of travelling to reach central Amazon. Amazing country, Just finished day of jungle training in preparation of tomorrows 5.30 am start of race. Approx 40 competitors with British representing about 15, very fit guys, think I need to get back in the gym, bit late now though ! saw very rare river dolphins today, beautiful creatures, had brief encounter with Caiman (Amazon crocodile) looking forward to getting into the race.

Jungle Update
They have all arrived safe and sound and the boat has also reached the Amazon with all competitors aboard!

Jungle Update
The Jungle Marathon -this is the latest we will not hear from the organisers until 9th at the earliest. There is an international field of runners and support staff includes Japan, USA, Canada, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Spain, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Estonia, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Israel , Palestine, Chile and ,of course, Brazil.

Follow Craig Jarvis  on THE AMAZON JUNGLE MARATHON by following Craig's progress here or Facebook  ... how will he cope? with debilitating humidity, struggling through swamps and encountering the most hostile environment in the world .Please support him and donate

Check out this YouTube video for last year's race

To donate to EACH  Just Giving

To donate to St Nicholas Hospice 

Ravenwood Trust Charity Update - September 2011Craig Jarvis
In February of this year I returned to India for my 3rd fundraising trip and with 5 other motorcycle mounted volunteers and 2 paramedics, guided 55 fund raising motorcyclists through Southern India. The trip covered 5 states and 2,500 km raising over £80,000 for a number of charities including Save the Children, the Rainbow Trust Children's Charity and Project Ashram (Indian educational charity). I took a well-wishing card from my daughter's (Molly age 8) class at South Lee School in Bury St Edmunds. Along the route, I visited many small remote village schools.

Ravenwood TrustGreat news, Mission accomplished!
Grateful thanks to you all we raised £10,000 for EACH ( East Anglia Children Hospices) to go towards their tree house appeal, building an amazing new hospice in Ipswich. The building was opened in June 2011 and it is a remarkable place with such a dedicated team making a real difference to the children’s lives

Ravenwood Charity RunJuly was a busy month, on Sunday 10TH July
Ravenwood Hall Children's Trust had a team for the London 10k race also running for Facing Africa. Central London was closed off for the event which attracted approx 30,000 entrants. The team of eight had a great day, experienced runners and those first timers all put in a marvellous effort and we are waiting to see how much was raised. Two of the team won their place at the annual charity ball auction in 2010( this year it is held on November 27th ) and most have already volunteered for next year. Are there any takers for team 2012? If so please ring Chris Knight 01359 270345 for details

Charity RunThen on Friday 29TH July
I joined a group of parents ,staff, Derek Whipp the head master and a governor from South Lee School to climb the three peaks, Ben Nevis, Scarfell Pike and Snowdon, the 11,178 feet or 26 miles in 24 hours including driving. This was to raise money for two great charities, The Alzheimer’s Society and EACH (East Anglia's Children's Hospices) .We unfortunately encountered a blocked road  in Scotland which delayed us. However Justin Adams completed the challenge with 2 minutes to spare, he ran up and down Snowdon in 3 hours! Even with bad visibility and poor weather we all finished ,even if most of us were nursing various sore parts of our bodies! It was all worth it as at the moment £3,618.75 has been raised .  

Jungle Trek - Craig JarvisOn OCTOBER 6TH , the self sufficient runners will take one week, carrying their own food and equipment through primary Amazon jungle in Brazil with debilitating humidity, struggling through swamps and encountering the most hostile environment in the world insert .This taxing and exhilarating 222km challenge can be seen from last years race

As many of you know I have a passion at home and abroad and continue to support those who Ravenwood Children’s Trust has personally raised, plus helping other fundraisers to achieve their goals….here are some of those. EACH(East Anglian Children Hospice’s),St Nicolas Hospice Care, Ravenwood Montessori school in Sri Lanka, St Cristobels children’s home in Goa, Rhys Daniel trust, Facing Africa-children ravaged by Noma, Multiple Sclerosis, A garden for the Rainbow children’s ward at West Suffolk hospital in Bury St Edmunds, The Lord Taverner’s  Club, Riding for the disabled, A purpose built bicycle for a handicapped child, A winch for disabled children at the swimming pool in Bury St Edmunds and the Alzheimer's society. Please help us to help the children  

 Raffle tickets are on sale in the hotel to support the trust, with amazing prizes. So on your next visit please purchase some. This popular raffle is drawn at the New Years Eve Ball so why not come along and have a fantastic time and you just might be a winner!

Ravenwood Trust Charity Update  -   February 2011
ICraig Jarvisn February of this year Craig Jarvis, along with 5 other motorcycle mounted volunteers and 2 paramedics, guided 55 fund raising motorcyclists through Southern India. The trip covered 5 states and 2,500 klm raising over £80,000 for a number of charities including Save the Children, the Rainbow Trust Children's Charity and Project Ashram (Indian educational charity). Craig Jarvis took a well-wishing card from his daughter's (Molly age 8) class at South Lee School in Bury. Along the route, Craig visited many small remote village schools. Ravenwood Children's Trust also supports The Sister Rose's Children's Home in Goa. This is Craig's 3rd fund-raising trip to India.

Every year Ravenwood Hall and Black Lion Hotel owner Craig Jarvis, embarks on many ventures to the aim of raising money as much money as possible for The Ravenwood Children’s Trust and other local children’s charities. 

During 2009/2010 to celebrate Craig’s 50th birthday he committed to five ultimate challenges with the aim to raise £11,000 – in fact we are delighted that the total amount raised stands at £36,000, smashing the original target.  The challenges were:

CHALLENGE 1 - By Mountain
The National Three Peaks Challenge – a mighty challenge that involved climbing the three highest peaks, respectively, in England, Wales and Scotland and all within 24 hours.

The Peaks were:
• Snowdon (Wales – 1085 metres high)
• Scafell Pike (England – 978 metres high)
• Ben Nevis (Scotland – 1344 metres high)

In a team of eight, timing was everything and we only have a few hours for each mountain. With a designated driver to travel between mountains it enabled the team to sleep on route. The weather was terrible and the rest of Craig’s team decided to turn back half way up, however Craig was determined to complete his very first challenge and continued with another team – but what Craig didn’t know was that the other team would not be accompanying him back down (he descended alone in the middle of the night…).

10k Run - The very next day after the three peaks challenge Craig ran the Official ASICS British 10K London run, raising money for the Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity. It is a popular event that takes runners past many of central London’s famous historic landmarks.  It was unfortunate that Craig’s Three Peak’s team members also left with his trainers, he had to run the entire 10k in his wet and soggy walking boots!

Newmarket Town Plate – In August 2009 Craig raced in the Newmarket Town Plate horse race.  He had to lose over two stone in weight. The race is for amateur jockeys; it is over 3 miles 6 furlongs in length and was founded back in 1665 by King Charles II. Craig managed to lose the right amount of weight and competed in this famous event.

CHALLENGE 4 - By Trail
With a team of 12 people, Craig set off heading for the start of a 2,000 mile off-road trail motorbike ride that went through some of the most remote parts of Cambodia, a country that has one of the highest infant mortality rates.  This gave Craig a chance to locate new projects for the Ravenwood Children’s Trust to support.  Craig endured high temperatures, rode through some testing terrain and visited remote villages, he is also found a new beneficiary for some funds.

CHALLENGE 5 - By Sand - April 2010
The mighty Marathon Des Sable 2010 - Known as the toughest foot race on earth this is the ultimate endurance race across the Sahara Desert in Morocco and pushes contestants to their absolute limits. Nicknamed the Sand Marathon it covers 151 miles over just 7 days. In addition, competitors had to carry everything they will need to survive - it really is survival of the fittest.  Craig endured the most testing conditions ever, running in 51 degree heat in the day and 2 degree chill at night, over dunes, open plane and rocky mountains. Having to carry and cook all own food along the way, having to consume 13 litres of water a day to survive and with incredible sore feet. Body management, foot care and mental strength was the key to completing this amazing race, where he finished in 685th place out of well over 1,000 competitors - British Olympian James Cracknell came in at 12th position.

To date the following causes have benefitted over the years:

  • St Nicholas Hospice Care
  • Ravenwood Montessori School in Sri Lanka
  • St Cristobel’s children’s home in Goa
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • A garden for the Rainbow children’s ward at West Suffolk hospital Bury St. Edmunds
  • The Lord Taverner’s Club
  • Riding for the disabled
  • A purpose built bicycle for a handicapped child
  • A winch for disabled children at the swimming pool in Bury St. Edmunds
  • Rhys Daniel Trust
  • Facing Africa – children ravaged by Norma

Future projects and challenges:
Ravenwood Children’s Trust also helps local charities and individual cases whenever possible.  A new project Craig discovered on challenge 4 was a tiny village in the heart of Cambodia.  He has already sent parcels of clothes for the children and intends to assist further in the future.

During 2011 with everyone’s help, Craig hopes to continue to boost fund.  EACH (East Anglia Children’s Hospice) are building a new hospice in Ipswich which needs £3.7 million, so they really do need our help.  We are trying to raise £10,000 for this tree house appeal – for more details see www.each.org.uk/treehouse.